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face in the fight against gun vile engaby giffords new campaign on this tuesday february 12th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> thanks for joining us we have a lot of news this morning. but first let's start with the weather because today is sort of your breath of fresh air and sigh of relief before things get interesting. >> exactly. it's the transition period i should say. it's going to be windy, though but maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. we will stay dry going into afternoon and this is a day where you can leave the rain gear at home. you can leave the snow gear at home as well. but tomorrow, a little bit of change in the forecast is going to come to a you. right now -- come to you. right now 45 degrees in glen bernie. low temperatures this morning are the highs for this time of the year. bel air 40 and 44 in easton. but we have the winds out there. so although it looks like 40 it doesn't feel like 40 so you need to dress for the colder temperatures this morning. as we check out what's going on with the planner you heard me talk about the winds. they are going to continue start this morning and continue
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right through the afternoon. we will have a high today coming in at 49 degrees. we will get sunshine in here and the clouds will be on the increase as we go into the later time period into the evening. let's check the check of the abc2 timesaver traffic lauren cook. >> reporter: we are following a crash in howard county along northbound lanes here at columbia pike. right from the off-ramp from route 32. so expect delays in the area a tow truck is on the scene. two lanes getting by as you can see. but leave yourself plenty of time. different story on 95. here's a live look at route 175 actually north of 195 and you will notice everything is moving right along it's going to take you 12 minutes to travel northbound from elk ridge to downtown baltimore. traffic is starting to pick up on the west side of the beltway here at baltimore national pike in both directions. but no significant delays travel on the outer loop it will take 8 minutes from 795 down to 70. and the east side of the beltway nice and clear. you are looking -- looking at
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an 11 minute right from 95 to 83. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 6:31. president obama is expected to refocus on a issue crucial to you tonight. jobs and the economy. charley crowson has a preview of the address. what can you tell us. >> tonight's state of the union is expected to be different in substance and in tone than the president's inaugural address last month. that was more of a vision statement. and tonight, it's going to be more like the president saying this is what i want to do in the coming year. he is expected to push for adiggal government spending promoting -- additional government spending and promoting infrastructure and warn congress about avoiding the spending cuts that came in defense and education scheduled to go into effect on march 1st. you will remember that from the fiscal cliff. but also by avoiding the auto cuts and additional spending, that's going to require congressional approval. and that's going to set the president once again on a collision course with house
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republicans. >> it's time for washington to get back to the basics. we can't continue to spend money we don't have. >> the president is going to elaborate on big themes from the inaugural speech among them immigration reform climate change and gun violence. democrats are placing a emphasis on gun control and gabby giffords will be in the house chamber for the address. also going to be there are parents of the slain chicago teen who played at the president's second inauguration and they will sit with first lady michelle obama. now among those in the group will be outspoken gun advocates ted nugent who is going to be aguest of texas republican representative stockman. following the address, marco rube yeah will deliver the gop response for the state of the union and speaking both in spanish and english and republican rand paul will speak on behalf of the tea party coming up tonight. you can see it here on abc2.
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>> and being watch the address on abc2. bewant to put the information on screen -- we want to put the information on the screen. it starts at 9 there will be live reports from washington. one of the things charley touched upon is gun violence. we are hearing on capitol hill to talk about reducing that at the time protect the the -- protecting the rights of bearing arms. a new gun control ad is featuring congresswoman gabby giffords. six other people died in the massacre. >> take it from me, congress must act. let's get this done. >> it was produced by a political action committee formed by giffords and her husband mark kelly. both have been outspoken about the need for gun control. coming up today, anne arundel county is going to be tough for students in manchester valley high school. a math teacher devin spence was
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killed on the way to school yesterday. police believe ice caused him to cross the center line and hate school bus. he had been teaching at -- teaching for about a year at manchester valley. >> he was a young teach he everrer that would go -- teacher that would go the extra mileand being tell he loved what he was doing. >> he committed to coaching girl's lacrosse. it's possible your child will be safer on the way to and from school because the city of baltimore took action after an abc2 news investigation found that school bus drivers were getting speed camera tickets and they weren't being tracked. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake signed a bill to require copies of the tickets to be sent to city leaders. in october, our investigation found that contractors did not have to notify anybody about theviolations. last week the city council passed a measure unanimously. the signature from the mayor makes this official. falling in love shouldn't meow are falling for a scam.
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>> many of you are looking for love in the wrong place and we have advice so you don't get scamed. >> mountain dew for breakfast? not exactly but this is not far off. we will tell you about mountain dew's new morning jolt. >> reporter: well who are's live look at a crash on columbia pike at route 32. i am tracking delays and we will let you know what other traffic alerts could get in your way coming up on good morning maryland.
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from wood hope elementary good morning maryland. >> 6:39 and in or consumer alert better business bureau has a warning for those looking for love online. be aware what have they are calling sweetheart scams. one technique that's getting a lot of traction is fake military men. the b about. b says scamers claim to be military members overseas.
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they build an emotional relationship with somebody online and then they start asking for money. to avoid falling for somebody like this, experts suggest you never wait too long to meet somebody face-to-face so you can find out whether or not they are legitimate. when you wake up in the morning you grab orange juice or coffee but would you consider a mountain dew? that will be an option soon. pepsi co will roll out a mountain dew beverage called a kick start a mix of juice and mountain dew offering 92 milligrams of cay peep for 16 ounce can like an energy drink or cup of coffee set to hit stores on february 25th. ael may be taking a cue from james board. tech giant is working on a smart wrist watch. they are saying it would run on the same ios that is powers the iphone and ipad or i pods. the paper cites an unnamed source saying apple is experimenting with the wrist strap device made of glass.
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no comment coming from apple. >> people will be talking like this all of a sudden. >> i am curious because we will be synced up to the cloud and itunes nonsense. >> who knows where we are going next go we know where we are going. we are going a talk about the weather. stay with us this morning because the storm that hurricane sandy proved to be so powerful for the tall ship bounty. >> the investigation is going into what caused the ship to go down. why it was at sea in the first place. one person died and the captain was never found. >> all right. ravens are super bowl champs. it took sometime to look ahead to the other birds in town and we will look at the orioles because they are migrating to florida right now. we have details on who's reporting today. clear. >> all right. so we are quiet today but it will get active. he will tell you when the next two chance for within theory weather will be coming in. >> reporter: traffic is slowing down on the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike. and we have a crash on columbia pike. i will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland. this is so sick!
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we are working for you. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson.
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we begin with a check of the forecast with lynette charles. you say it could be the calm before the storm. >> it's going to be cearm today but -- calm he today but windier. temperature well above average. 43 right now. wind out of the northwest at -- winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour feeling like the upper 30s. dress accordingly as you step out and b myersville at 39 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 3. these are the sustained wind. we will get them sustained at 5 to 15 miles an hour. we will have gusts a lot higher than that talking about 30 miles an hour. hereford temperature at 40 right now with the wind out of the northwest at about 8 miles an hour. so we are feeling more like we are at 33, 34 degrees there. we look at maryland's most powerful radar and it's dry right now. and this will be the trend as we go throughout the day. dry weather on tap but setting us up for a new system that's going to work its way in here going into tomorrow. i am going to detail more of that coming up. but right now check out the planner because this is what to
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expect heading throughout the day. temperatures coming in at 49 degrees. we will have a few more clouds moving in here but more sunshine. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a few traffic alerts to be aware of for those in howard county we are following a crash right along northbound lanes of columbia pike. this is right at the off-ramp from route 32 west. so you will want to expect congestion in the area. and more problems in baltimore county. there's a manhole in parkville you will need to watch out for along the southbound lanes of bel air road. right as you approach 695. no delays on the east side of the beltway. average speed clocking in at just 50 miles per hour on the outer loop at harford road. but it is starting to slow down on the west side. here's a shot at baltimore national pike. there's a 3-minute delay on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 but the average speed clocking in at just 30 miles per hour. up in hunt valley 83 is nice and clear from shawan road down to the beltway as we look live.
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notice no problems whatsoever once you get on the jfx it's going to take 12 minutes to get downtown from the beltway all the way to east fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. news time 6:47 and we are learning much more about the breaking news out of prince george's county this morning. police are on the scene of a murder suicide in college park. and they say it does involve students at the university of maryland. the incident happened near campus on 36th avenue around one this morning. police say that the suspect a student at the school was first set a fire in the basement of the house and then shot two of his roommates. you are looking at video we got into the newsroom. one roommate died at the other -- and other is being treated at the hospital we are told. all three people involved attended the university of maryland and we are working to get more information toe see want to en-- so we want to encourage you to follow us on twitter abc2 news and, of course, check our website for the latest updates on the breaking news story.
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an update to other breaking news we told you on abc2 news at 11. u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting today after north korea announced it carried out a successful nuclear test. the white house is calling it highly provocative. the u.n. security council has ordered the north to shut down atomic activity. follow abc2 news on twitter to get the latest on the breaking news stories because as they come in we will send them out to you as soon as we get them. living in baltimore city could get even more expensive. that's the only way to fix the budget crisis and the mayor says we are going to all have to make sacrifices now. abc2 news linda so is live this morning outside city hall with more on the changes and it seems more over the leaders are saying it's more expensive to get us out of the hole. >> reporter: one change that the mayor is proposing that will affect everyone is a fee for trash pickup. the mayor hopes to use the pony generated from the -- money generated from the fee to lower
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property tax by 22%. mayor rawlings-blake outlined proposals at the state of the city address yesterday. her plan to cut property taxes can only happen if cuts are made in other areas. she hopes the biggest savings will come from pension reform. the mayor wants more city workers to contribute to the retirement plan like a 401k and wants to cut the work force by 10% over the next 10 years and demolish more vacant homes. the mayor is also calling on firefighters to work longer hours right now they average 42 hours a week. >> we must work with our fire unions to negotiate a new schedule. what's significantly higher -- with significantly higher pay to reduce efficiency and prevent the constant threat of firehouse closures. >> reporter: the president of the firefighters union says working longer hours would be detrimental to the work force. if any changes were to be made the city would have to negotiate that with the firefighters union. live at city hall, linda so,
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abc2 news. a protest in annapolis today against a bill that farmers say will deval you the property. a group will be hold -- devalue the property. a group will hold a tractor aid saying they are against septic bill they will meet at navy stadium with tractors and horses. they will march towards the senate building at 10 this morning. the group does have a facebook page and it reads this as part of the effort to repeal the law that is will hing -- letting the government steal the farmland of citizens happening today so stay with us. we will keep you posted. the coast guard will begin hearings to investigate the sinking of the tall ship bounty. the ship got caught in choppy watters from hurricane sandy. 16 people were on board the hms wouldn'ty when it started to take on water. the ship is a replica 18th century tall ship built from the 1962 film mutiny on the wouldn'ty. the operators will be questioned those hearings will happen on february 21st.
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they have been adrift for days and passengers on the carnival cruise line will get back to shore later than first reported. the fire in the engine room left a ship unable to move and now they could arrive in mobile alabama not by wednesday but we are hearing thursday. they were supposed to dock in mexico tomorrow but now they have been driesting frgt out. 3,000 people are on -- been drifting further out. 3 people are on board the problem is they have a limited number of bag rooms that work. five things to know on this tuesday morning. senate arms services committee will hold a vote today on the nomination of former senator chuck hagel for defense secretary. the committee is expected to approve the nomination and it goes to the senate for a full vote. >> today ---- today empty holes will be torn down to make room for new ones. the homes on normal avenue will be demolished beginning at 10 this morning. for the third year in a row bwi sets a record number of passengers went through the
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terminals. 23 million travelers flew out of bwi, that's a 1% increase from 2011. and the baltimore orioles hope to soared to greater heights. pitchers and catchers report to spring training today insarasota florida. the rest of the team reports later this week. they are coming off the most successful season in 15 years. competition at westminster kennel club dog show continues. tonight one dog will be crowned best in show. the big of the award in the competition. we are told that a local dog is in the running. bust out beads because it's fat tuesday. new orleans comes alive with music food and, of course, the over the top floats. more than 1 million people are he can sped to turn out to watch the parades. closer to home the festivities in new orleans are coming to havre de grace tonight. that town is holding its mardi gras parade along its bourbon street. everything kicks off at 6:30. this is the 6th year they have had the event. you will have live music, and characters and costumes and all the like and afterwards,
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designated drivers and everyone get home safely. >> all right. the san francisco zoo is scheduled to make good on a super bowl wager with the maryland zoo. >> we have problems with denver and we had a problem with endy and boston. now san francisco says they are going to name the enclosure for the ravens. original name was boone and the namesake of 49ers offensive tackle alex boone and the ravens will take that and it's time to make good on the bet. >> a side note to make you feel good about your community. the maryland spca had a weighinger with san francisco's humane society we beat them with the most likes and they lowered the adoption rate and it's a good story for everybody. >> right. you are right. you know what, i am sitting here thinking and i think i got rid of them. it's the hiccups. okay so i realize if i talked about it they would go away. so i won't have them through this forecast here. all right. so we have temperatures now
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coming in above average this morning. we are in the 40s. and these 40s are what we expect in the afternoon and we are going to get to the 40s today. upper 40s but we have the wind out there. so it's going to feel a lot colder than that. 42 right now in northeast. norrisville at 40. 43 in towson. look at the wind gusts coming in at 32 right now. eldersburg 25 bowie 26. more of the same and 20 in federalsburg. this is the scenario throughout the day. windy conditions. going outside in bel air so we can do a live weather bug camera and we can see some sun and clouds mixing in. that's going to be the say anyo -- scenario throughout the day. high pressure is trying to build in at the surface. and with that, we will get a little more sunshine in here especially more than yesterday. this is our storm track for tomorrow. we have the chance for rain and sleet and snow on the backside of this. and this will continue right into thursday morning and abc2's most accurate future trend picking oup on that and
6:55 am
thanks -- picking up on that and things will dry out and when the weekend comes wove a chance for another system. tonight 30 and 43 tomorrow and the 7-day forecast colder by the weekend. let's check the abc 2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. traveling in baltimore county, there are a few things to be aware of. a disabled car along eastbound lanes of white marsh boulevard at 95. 95 and white marsh will be pretty clear heading downtown. traveling on bel air road we have a manhole along the southbound lanes approaching 695 you want to use caution. traveling in the area, no lane blockages at this time. and 695 is starting to pk up on the outer loop -- pick up on outer loop the northwest corner is congested here at old court road. a five-minute delay on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 average speeds 27 miles per hour. here in hunt valley 83 nice and clear from shawan to the beltway. megan and charley over to you.
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>> peekaboo i see you. a driver in florida got a -- you didn't think i would do that got quite quite a square when he saw two huge eyes staring out. it was an owl tuck in the grill. the woman says she remembers hitting the bird but thought the bird died. turns out it had gotten stuck. a couple days later someone told her ma'am there's an owl in the grill of your car. >> okay, my gosh. >> you can see animal control in florida they retrieve the bird safely and she was crying and the animal control officer probably says if i have a story for the guys at the office and no one was happier than the owl. the yellow eyed owl. >> i have to say the owl is so gorgeous and i am so glad it's okay but can you imagine walking up to the grill of your car and seeing those yellow eyes. >> imagine not knowing it's inside your car. >> i gosh. -- my gosh. >> can you imagine having a owl in the grill your car? or any animal for that matter. >> off to new york for good morning america. have great day.
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